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How To Create A Skills-Based CV

I stumbled across the 'skills-based cv' a few months ago when I was looking to present my work history in a different way. I was bored with the standard way of listing positions and duties. The traditional way of presenting yourself on a CV is not only too constrained for an increasing number of people, it also doesn't come close to giving the full picture of someone's capabilities. 

In my view, a skill-based CV tells a potential employer far more about what kind of professional you are than a list of job titles and duties will do. I believe they give off a more professional air, and thought I'd share a few tips that will ensure you're not selling yourself short. Here's how I got mine going:

1. List every job you’ve had - no matter how trivial.

2. List the skills that you want to showcase in your new CV.

3. Match three to four job roles to each of the different skills that you’d like to showcase.

4. Aim for three to four concrete examples of when and how you showcased each skill (using the the job roles from 3. (above) as examples).

5. Consider deleting any jobs from your CV where you can’t match a skill that you want to showcase but, equally, consider the gap it will create. 

6. Flesh out your examples and see how many of those skill categories you can join together cohesively, e.g. 'Leadership & Innovation'.

7. Continue to refine the bullet points until you’ve distilled the very best of your capabilities and achievements into each skill category.

Even if you end up not sending it out to prospective employers, putting a skill-based CV together should give you a lot of interesting and insightful stories and anecdotes to share in interviews. Not only that, it will give your ego a bit of a boost, too.