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Turning Negatives Into Positives

In business and entrepreneurship they say Americans have by far the upper hand on positivity, when compared with the British. My limited experience of these relationships would certainly prove that to be true. In my own case, right now I am struggling to turn a negative into a positive. 

It's not hard, surely? All that's required is re-focusing the mind on pleasure and success, as opposed to unhappiness and failure. Make the former bigger, the latter smaller. Visualise the success and benefits of the former, consigning the latter to its rightful dark recess.

In my particular situation I have to quit dwelling on the fact that X is not possible and instead acknowledge and relish the fact that Y is possible. That Y is a step in the right direction and that, actually, the only difference between X and Y is a little bit of space in my head that allows it to be so. There is no difference. Y is fantastic. There are no doubts. That is all.