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The Unknown World

This month has felt as though I have been pushing a very big stone up a very large hill; tiring, confusing, bewildering. Will ever reach the top? What was the point of pushing this stone up the hill, anyway? That kind of thing. At the same time, the promise of a new year is that I will acknowledge all that has been achieved this year whilst not dwelling on it. It also means looking forward, truly, to the year ahead, to setting myself challenges that are challenging, but also with a mixture of ingredients that builds on what was done this year and looks at what was not done, to see if I really want or need to do it at all. 

I am looking forward to 2017 as a year of streamlined action, of doing things and being present. Of fulfilling opportunities and not sitting back. If 2016 felt like a tumultuous ride - which, at times, it did - then 2017 will truly be a leap off the ledge and into the unknown world.