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The need to create is not necessarily accompanied by the need to consume, experience. Or is it? If, as an artist, there is an avenue that I want to explore, that I want to pursue because it is an area that interests me, does it follow that I will automatically like the result, or want to consume the result? I think it's fair to say that the process of creating any art brings the artist so close to its subject that it may be an exercise in redundancy for them to experience their work as a non-connected individual would. Which is to say that the results of my investigations interest me, but experiencing the results and, even, entering into prolonged discourse on the merits of the work is exhausting and unappealing. For the artist, the work is done, the investigations made, the moment expressed. All that remains, perhaps, is to qualify a work's success or failure by their own measure (or those of a few trusted associates and friends).