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Pinching Myself

For three weeks I will be working on a film, mixing the Foley and a few other things too (tbc). It's a very touching and thoughtful film, and I will probably write more about it on the Sounds That Move blog once it's finished. In the meantime, here are some pictures from the setup Pierre van Caloen (the Foley artist) and I have been working with.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Am I really working in a professional audio post-production studio, working on feature films and television programmes that people are actually going to see? Am I really working alongside  colleagues who have 10 and 20 years experience, and are willing to share their knowledge and explain things to me? I have to pinch myself, because this isn’t reality. Except, of course, that it is. It’s beyond a dream in many ways. And that’s why I rarely complain. I mean, I will never complain too much because some people never even get a shot at doing what they most want to do.