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Moving Forward

Rather than being pessimistic about things, it's amazing how much cheerier a place the world is when I flip the coin. Having been a bit bogged under with long hours and living out of hotel rooms, the next anxiety (which as freelancer, of course, always lingers) is where the next job will come from. Rather than worrying about the fact that there is no meaningful work on the slate for the next month, I have decided to embrace the fact that, actually, it's a new beginning. A new page has been turned. The old one was great – really good for me – but there are much better things lying ahead. This is the perspective that allows me to move forward.  

I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunities, the breaks, the luck – whatever you want to call it – over the past three years, but the journey goes on. For the journey to continue, I have to keep moving forward, and this is the one lesson that I think is vital: keep moving forward. Things go well and things go wrong, achievements happen, as do setbacks. One cannot stop for fear of failure or censure. It has to be this way. There is always a fresh challenge to look forward to.