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Working Away From Home

There is very little glamour for me in working away from home and staying in hotels. When I was young - and dreaming of the rock n' roll lifestyle - staying in different hotels from week to week would have been the height of glamour; success. As it is, and as I write this from a hotel, the truth is quite different.

Whilst I have no particular truck with staying in hotels  per se (I can usually guarantee feeling comfortable in any decent hotel, if I don't exactly feel at home), it's just not as romantic as it may appear. To pass the time - for where there are hotel stays there will invariably be a fair amount of time spent travelling - I have started to make little mental comparisons and adjustments for each hotel and hotel chain.  For example:  this chain of hotels give you a kettle in your room; this chain you have to keep logging into the wi-fi; this hotel has a really good breakfast, etc. 

I'm reminded of the film Anomalisa, Charlie Kaufman's latest, which I thoroughly recommend, btw. I wouldn't call it a great film, but it is an interesting and thought-provoking one, in a way that has become Kaufman's trademark. I was horrified that one report (it wasn't even a review), gave everything about the film away in its first couple of sentences. Luckily, I'd already seen Anomalisa by then. I'd recommend knowing as little about it as possible before you see it.

NOTE: I will be updating this post with new pictures, as I stay in different places.