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Looking Back On Lush

Looking back is hard to do, but the good news is that it tends to get easier as you get older. I sometimes find myself hurtling back in time, to a place that now feels warm (even if it didn't at the time). Hurtling back to a time when no-one had heard of George Osborne except his chums and his mum. Kanye West was a college dropout, people still name-checked A Tribe Called Quest, and Lars Von Trier was in his pomp. Well, perhaps I'm muddling things just a little bit but, sometimes it's just nice to go back. 

Once upon a time, music was the question, but it was also the answer. It was breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even if it isn't now, I can be swept back on the flicker of a hairpin. It doesn't help, of course, that artists and bands long-since retired keep returning to the scene of their crimes. Long ago was it that I lamented this, but it's far, far too late for that now. There is the good, the bad and the ugly to be found among this cabal (several times over), but the sheer weight of numbers makes it seem like nit-picking to try and justify one band's comeback over that of another. So I don't do that.

So many bands, so little time (left). I am indifferent to practically all of old returners. I just can’t get my around it. Now Lush (the band who were never going to come back) are back, and it’s a strange feeling that even now, months later, still leaves me… with a weird feeling. That’s the best way that I can describe it. Having given this some thought I think I might have an answer as to the reason why. Lush were the first band I liked that no-one I knew had heard of and, on some level, it’s almost as if they never actually existed. For me, at least, they don’t exist, because – being a child and everything at that time – I’m a different person now to whom I was back then. I have often listened to their music during the intervening years. Often. Yet, so much of what was real about them to me, at that time was actually only in my head. It’s a bit weird to have them as real bona fide musicians, back in my life again. Playing music to the wider world.

I’ve got the new EP and I’ll be at the Roundhouse in a few weeks’ time* and, if the reports from their warm-up gig at Oslo are anything to go by, it should be good. I hope it’s fun.

Above: The We Love Lush fanzine. Preserved in time. Pre-Phil King.

*One of my least favourite venues ever, btw.