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Joining up the post-truth apocalypse

Over the past few days it's occurred to me why I was so astounded by the Brexit result. It wasn't the fact that it meant the UK would be leaving the EU, or that the status quo had been dislodged. No, eh at left me open-mouthed was how the result was achieved. It was the fact that a version of truth, albeit exaggerated by the Remain campaign, had been utterly rejected by those who voted to Leave. It had not been rejected for another version of truth. Most Leavers - whether rational, sensible and principled, or a mash-up of misguided, fed-up or downright hateful, didn't vote *for* the truth, but for an ideal - a proposition - that, although largely proven to be an empty vessel of idealism - was just more appealing to more people.

I shouldn't have been surprised, however. This has been going on in the arts since forever, basically. In music, what might just happen to be good or excellent or innovative or outstanding must compete with the subjectively poor, lazy, awful and depressingly bad music that is liked, believed in and popular. There is no Good Fight against this anymore.  Bit of we give up on truth, what happens next?

The Brexit vote was a victory for the post-truth apocalypse, ETA to be confirmed. The Good Fight goes on, however, with the fall-out from the vote postponing the Armageddon for now, at least.