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Selling bread

To succeed at anything you have to get good - get better - at selling bread. I like bread as a comparator for the following reason: bread that's neither tasty nor healthy will always appeal to someone whilst, conversely, good and excellent bread can appeal to everyone. Even those with various intolerances. I have known people who will very occasionally indulge in small amounts of 'real bread', fully aware of the negative consequences. So good and excellent bread can appeal to everyone. It just depends how you sell it.

When people ask me, 'What do you do?' I invariably say that I'm a sound editor (evidence: Sounds That Move). However, this is just a part of the bigger picture. Thinking about this more broadly, the best skills I have are; creating soundscapes; writing about sound; the ideas I have around sound presentation; the ideas I'm developing in sound design workflow. Some of these are aspirational, in the sense that, for example, I'm not an expert in sound design workflow. That point notwithstanding, it's an area I'm deeply invested in exploring and developing.

When I think about how these skills might be valuable and how they can translate to improvements for other people, I think about creating sound that communicates ideas, helps tell stories, asks questions about the world around us. Writing about sound in a way that engages people and makes them interested in ideas, stories or questioning the world around us. And that makes me people more curious and appreciative of sound, hearing and listening. One of my goals is also to create tangible outcomes that serve sound designers and make their work more efficient and more intuitive.