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In The Shadow of the Exit Fighting To Be Heard

In the fallout of the UK's 'Brexit' vote ten days ago one thing stood out for me. In times like these, if you have a voice you should use it. The people who talk loudest are those who think they know the most. However, often, the precise opposite is true. 

I've been amazed at the number of people, within my own profession, who have been silent on Brexit. I know, I know, it can be seen as inappropriate and, even, distasteful, to have a highly politicised social media presence, as it's a space where potential customers and employers will inevitably go to seek you out. But why stay silent on important issues that you believe in when deep, deep changes that will affect up to 700 million people are changing? Everyone will have their reasons and, probably, they're extremely valid. For me, it's taken the chaos following the Brexit result to see that if you can't speak up you the number one person you're failing is yourself.