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An Eternal Question

[This is cross-posted from my sound design blog - - because it seemed like a 'perfect fit' for both entities.]

I asked myself the question, 'Why do I love working with sound to picture' today. It's a question that I ask myself fairly often, whether in times of exasperation or exaltation. My train of thought usually doesn't take me as far as to answer the question.  Today, however, I got a little further. I realised that what I love about this part of my work is that I get to solve a puzzle. The kind of puzzle where the answer is always the same (success), but where one doesn't know this this until the very, very end. Until afterwards, perhaps. And that is part of the puzzle.

The end result - the completed film - may be different from one film to another, but the result of the puzzle, as it were, is the same regardless of the film material. So it is puzzle-solving that has me hooked. Perhaps it's the same reason why I love detective stories. Who know? Whether the two facts are related or not, fitting all those pieces together. Constructing a language that will exist only for that film. Decoding the language of that film. Finding the path from darkness to light. That is why I love working with sound for film.