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That Feeling When Something Works

I wouldn't call myself superstitious but I do often find myself repeating behaviour that I think has proven successful, and I can do this somewhat obsessively. I've spent two or three years experimenting with different diaries and journals. In 2015, I had a thick, page-a-day Moleskine journal-cum-diary, which was fun as a journal, but didn't really function as a diary. I imagined this would be the case, so I actually had a separate diary, but I didn't use it. It just didn't feel right. 

For 2016, I jettisoned the thick journal-cum-diary and persevered with the weekly planner, and it's suited me down to the ground. Who can say why, but it just feels that it's tune with my productivity. It's not a very creative journal, but Day One is a more than adequate substitute/stop-gap. When it came to thinking about 2017, of course I wanted exactly the same thing. There was mild panic when it seemed as though Moleskine had discontinued the hardback weekly planner in favour of a softback one (remember, I wanted exactly the same thing), but I found it. And, in a nod to the fact that it's sometimes better to take a very deep breath and bite the bullet, I actually got my 2017 version in a different colour. It took some doing (I initially bought the fuchsia pink before returning that and settling for a deep green).