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Riffing on being a professional

Quite a few of my 2016 posts riffed on the concept of 'professional'. Where in March I said, 'A professional may be paid or they may not be paid.' (I'll admit it now, that was naive comment.) By October I was learning to accept 'my truth' of what a professional is, which is not bending to every whim of a client if it goes against my personal work philosophy. Throughout the year, I also expressed the excitement of being amongst the professional ranks, of how to best present those assets that are valuable to potential clients and collaborators, and how I can harvest my favourite professional experiences as a means to create more instances of feeling really good about my work

I think that they are all really important themes to continue riffing on, and in 2017 my aim is to with more depth and insight on the topic of 'professional' and what it means to me.