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Writer's block

I've been struggling with my writing for at least two weeks now, so it seemed to make perverse sense to write about it. This blog is a space for me to order my thoughts on topics mostly relating to how I approach my career as a freelancer, but also on subjects that are interesting to me and are possibly of interest to others, too. There are two possible causes for my sudden inability to string 300-500 words together coherently on a given subject.

One reason is falling out of a routine. Writing - like most creative acts - has a lot of routine built into it. What I mean is that doing it involves routine, and to get better one needs a routine. Even the word ‘practice’ suggests this. Whilst one might say, 'my creative practice involves...' we also practice a task that we want to get better at. All of which is to say that de-coupling from that routine will, of course, have consequences. So when I talk of experiencing writer’s block, I do need to remember that it has taken a good deal of practice and dedication to get to the stage where I could do it relatively easily, anyway. [Note to self]

Another possible reason behind my writer's block is having a disordered mind; lots of things going on up there and at the moment and - perhaps - not a lot of structure. This has eased off to some degree, but I have found that I have to work very hard to take my mind off everything, and even when trying very hard, it is sometimes not possible to truly contemplate.

So, this is where I will begin. Re-ordering my thoughts and making an extra effort to regularly contemplate and regain an consciousness equilibrium. Let's see how that goes.