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Save your apologies

There comes a time when one is forced to make a public apology. A time when one has spoken out about something, but done so in error. It's not a very nice feeling to have to do it. It occurred to me recently that one should save these moments until they are truly necessary, and a good way of adhering to this is by avoiding the contemporary 'rush to print' and pausing to reflect one nanosecond longer.

I was in full-on internet rage mode, about to the let the organisers of an arts festival know how truly disappointed I was that only one woman and no minority ethnic artists were chosen to either present work or give a lecture.  I was ready to pour venom on the lunacy of such a decision (or omission); that a festival which celebrates change, diversity and reaching beyond the norm to do something g different, should be so utterly white and male. I was ready. The full programme for the festival, however, revealed a more reassuringly diverse field of artists. When I had looked at what I thought was the full programme - it was actually just one segment of the wider festival.

Too often these days we are quick to temper and offer up outrage. Information comes thick and fast, and becomes fact without anyone bothering to check. We should check. And we should offer firm apologies when necessary. We should do our research, thereby saving our apologies for when they are truly needed.