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Remembering A Memory

Smell is the most powerful sense I possess. At least, I think it is. It's not as well developed as the others - hearing, in particular - but in terms of raw ability, it's the one. Smells can transport me back to times that I had forgotten existed, giving me cause to remember things that may provide, pleasure, joy, shame, or disappointment, etc.

I'm remembering a memory, and it's a strange feeling. I'm remembering the memory that was, in itself, a remembering of a memory. I'm guessing we all have moments like this. But this particular one, well, it's Lush again. Every so often I remember every detail of the magical Roundhouse weekend in May 2016, which in itself was a chance to experience again ("re-member") my very first experiences of the band and their music, as if no time had past. As if it were the distant present. 

Musical memories are the best, well, they're my best memories. Perhaps it is because it's pure fantasy, for the most part. The good, the bad, the indifferent; it is all played out under my direct remote control.