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Letting Go & Holding On

Crashing into a new year with little chance to catch breath has left me feeling a little bit stressed, anxious, and slightly burnt out. And it's still only January. However, this week I can feel the tide beginning to turn - so much so that I am able to take advantage of the five minutes or so (well, actually more like twenty) to sit and write this. 

Letting go and holding on is what I've been doing over the past few days, and I would truly recommend it. Yes, it's similar to de-cluttering, but letting go (which can be hard to do) is for me a mental and physical release that goes beyond throwing things away. 

Letting go of those hundreds of emails that I was going to read, or sort, or go back to later, but in actual fact were just blocking me from moving forward. In the bin. Will I miss them? I thought so but, actually, no. No, I won't miss them. More widely, I'm telling myself to let go of catching up. It's so exhausting and means that one is never fully enjoying the present. With all the letting go, though, I had a sudden though: I can't let everything go. That didn't seem right somehow. So, I'm letting go of all the little things that I seem to mysteriously acquire in the same way a sticky sweet dropped on a dirty floor rolls acquires both fluff and grit. And what am I holding on to? Very little, hopefully, but just those things that are of paramount importance to me, beliefs and values, family and friends. Everything else will follow. 

At least, that's the plan.