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(1998. Dir. S. Kapur)

I've seen this film a couple of times before, but not for an awfully long time. 

I suppose what struck me most about this film were the themes of innocence, responsibility and volatility. Despite the film not dwelling too much on the day-to-day of ordinary folk, it struck me that Reformation England and Brexit Britain have a fair bit in common. Two sides, entrenched, a compromise must (and will) be sought. Uneasy alliances are forged and everything is uncertain. In leaving the EU, Great Britain are embarking on a completely new course, one that has never been undertaken. England's break with Rome was very much in that tradition.

The challenges of Elizabeth I's early reign are well-presented (albeit perhaps a little too simplistically), and on this watching I felt more than on previous occasions the immense sense of change, overhaul, reinvention, once those early obstacles are overcome and the question of her crown irrefutably settled.