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Big Brain

I figured that if I read all the in my studio I'd be some kind of big brain expert. Whist that might be true in theory, of course, nothing is as easy as that. For one thing, we live in an age where it is not enough to know, to consume, your value - your expertise - is definitely measured by how much you contribute. So knowing is good, but using that knowledge for a bigger, greater good is better. 

Some people find that much easier to do than others, and I'll admit that I'm in the group who struggle with the 'sharing economy'. However, it's worth it for me and others like me to persevere. Firstly, because when you share good info and good practices, everybody is improved. Secondly, to do so is worth more than capital in some

So, yes, I will continue to put my back into reading those books. First of all because I want to, and because I think they'll improve me in my work and my life, but also because there's an opportunity there to learn, connect and share, explore, explain, in some way, experience.